Message from the Artistic Director

David Maggs



Gros Morne Summer Music, and its various initiatives – Old Crow Magazine, Liminus, St. Pat’s – is essentially a fourteen-year-old experiment obsessed with one basic question: what good are the arts? In pursuing this question, we have had the pleasure of developing projects that stray across a lot of different boundaries, either between different arts practices: dance, literature, poetry, visual art, new media, theatre, and as many musical traditions as we can get our hands on; or across different social boundaries, as we develop a growing interest in health, technology, sustainability, indigeneity, and the larger economic vitality of our region.

This constant state of curiousity guarantees one thing: we never really know what we’re doing. Each project is a new set of questions, a new, barely-defined opportunity, a challenge to connect different languages and practices. Each project sets us back to square one, and forces us to begin at the beginning all over again.

Along the way we encounter the opportunity to make new friends, whether working with new artists and artistic practices, or connecting with people at Newfoundland and Labrador Housing, Western Health, the businesses and council in Woody Point, the dynamic duo at the Gros Morne Cooperating Association, the folks at Parks Canada, some of the amazing researchers at Grenfell, or the network of other festivals here in the region.

What is constantly humbling for us as an organization is the tremendous support we receive from our donors and sponsors. We are small population, with relatively few corporate entities in this part of the world, and yet the commitment they have shown to our vision for the region remains hugely inspiring. Please take a moment to look through or sponsors and supporters, and let them know that the difference they’ve made in our lives is a difference they’re making in yours.

So here’s a huge thanks to all the wonderful individuals and organizations that make this part of the world such a great place to live! I hope you enjoy the presentations that comprise our 2016 season of activities, and I’d like to invite you to get in touch. Come see us after the show, send us an email, or use those social media thingys that the kids are always on about these days. We’d love to hear from you.


David Maggs
Artistic Director, Gros Morne Summer Music