2016 Summer Season

Trad Night
Featuring local performers, this series brought traditional Newfoundland music, as well as tunes held close to the hearts of Newfoundlanders.
Performers: Hardtack, Daniel Payne, The Ramblin’ Rovers, Danette Eddy, Bill Brennan, The Sharecroppers 

The Door You Came In
The Door You Came In, was a production touring through the Arts and Culture Centres of Newfoundland, and since the timing was right, we decided to take it on as part of our 2016 season. With songs and music provided by Douglas Cameron, David Macfarlane reads aloud from his acclaimed memoir, The Danger Tree. In it, he tells stories of his family’s past, happy memories, and the terrible Battle of Beaumont Hamel, as though he was reading to his dying mother. This beautiful production filled both venues, and brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience.

Camilo the Magician
Hailing from Colombia, living in Vancouver, Camilo Domingez, aka Camilo the Magician (yes, the guy from the Said the Whale song) brought his unique brand of stage magic to Newfoundland for the first time. After spending three days working with youth in the region in a magic camp, Camilo took to the stage for a magic show that has earned him an international reputation.

Star Taxi
Star Taxi tells the story of an ex-rocker turned cab driver who might, by some estimates, be a little ‘stalled’ on the road of life. He bumps into a young girl one summer evening, and this unlikely pair begins to navigate the streets of Corner Brook, along with one another’s hidden secrets, against the backdrop of a town’s growing fears for the young girl’s safety.
Performers: Mark Smallwood, Mira Buckle, Mark Bradbury
Written and Directed by: David Maggs
Stage Management and Program Design: Cosette Pin
Sound Effects: Lou McDonald
Lighting: Karla Biggin
Costumes: Nikki Ferreira

Postcards from the Train
Come aboard the Newfoundland Express and take a journey through time and listen to the stories and songs of the Newfoundland Railway!
Performers: Ian Locke, Sarah Newell, Mark Bradbury
Written and Directed by: Ian Locke
Production Designer: Cosette Pin
Costumes and Props: Nikki Ferreira

Jan Lisiecki
Just 20, Canadian pianist Jan Lisiecki has won acclaim for his extraordinary interpretive maturity, distinctive sound, and poetic sensibility. The New York Times has called him “a pianist who makes every note count”. Lisiecki’s insightful interpretations, refined technique, and natural affinity for art give him a musical voice that belies his age.

Yvette Coleman and Diederik van Dijk
This summer we had two concerts featuring core members of our 2016 GMSM team, the first reunited Yvette Coleman and Diederik van Dijk in another performance at St. Pat’s. The duo was joined on stage by Florian Hoefner, Michael Moulton, and Robert Humber, and they performed a collection of original works, many premiered for the first time, and favourite songs of the group members. Though the majority of the performers are classical trained, they played a combination of blues, jazz, folk, and a number of ballads that blended together in a breath taking fashion.

The White Feather of Woody Point
Old Woody Point, its buildings, stories, songs, and characters comes alive as theatre and music combine in this gripping tale of a soldier’s painful return from War.
Performers: Jody Richardson, Sarah Newell, Robert Humber, Ian Locke, Susan Yule, Alex Fallis*
Written and Directed by: Jody Richardson
Stage Manager: Cosette Pin
Costumes & Props: Jody Richardson and Nikki Ferreira

The Beatles Spectacular
Every year GMSM puts on a main stage musical theatre spectacle. This year we turned our attention away from musical theatre and toward the iconic music of the Beatles: bringing life, staging, and story to the hits you know and love by these legends of pop music. We’re calling again on the amazing talents of the GMSM musicians, soloists, and youth ensemble, but this year we are taking the choreographic content one step further, including gymnasts and parkourists to the physical storytelling! So sit back and enjoy the ride….
Adult Soloists: Yvette Coleman, Ian Locke, Jody Richardson, and Susan Yule
Youth Ensemble: Anna Barrett, Sarah Buckingham, Mira Buckle, Harry Callahan, Keira Clarke, Clare Coleman, Tess English, Noah Hamilton, Sadie MacDonnell, Alexandra Michael, Grace Pye, Kate Sanders, Lily Smallwood, Colin Spencer, Gina Spencer, Maria Veitch, Nathaniel Vincent
Musicians: Ford Burden, Christine Carter, Paul Fadoul, Lynn Kuo, Florian Hoefner, Brian McHugh, Michael Moulton, Marianne Noordink, Kate Read, Diederik van Dijk, Ian Yule
Gymnasts: Anna Barrett, Evan Brake, Frankie Warren, Stephen Webb
Show Design & Choreography: Yvette Coleman
Director: Rachel Peake
Musical Director: Gary Graham
Arrangements: Robert Humber, Shari Porter, Keith Stratton
Stage Manager/Set & Video Design: Cosette Pin
Production Assistant: Donovan Johnson
Stagehands/Props and Costumes: Dianna Alteen, Nikki Ferreira, Bridget Howe, Robert Humber, Sarah Newell
Lighting: Karla Biggin
Sound: Lou McDonald
Wireless: Kev Hamilton

Dark by Five’s production of Firebird is a celebration of a wonderful piece of music that grew out of an amazing time for artistic exploration. Paris just after the turn of the last century was the undisputed jewel of artistic life in the Western world. So many of the great writers, painters, composers, dancers, flocked to the city to bathe in the creative upheavals that were taking life and art by storm. Stravinsky’s The Firebird (1910) is the first of a group of ballets commissioned by Les Ballets Russes that would change music forever, forcing open the gates of modernism once and for all.
Performers: David Maggs, Diederik van Dijk, Lynn Kuo, Kate Read, Paul Fadoul, Christine Carter, Marianne Noordink, Rachel Peake, Yvette Coleman, Gina Spencer
Directed by: Rachel Peake

A New Heaven
A New Heaven collides very different styles of music from the 1990s, the hugely popular Icelandic musician Björk and the relatively unknown Russian-Canadian composer Nikolai Korndorf (1947-2001). Björk’s music takes us into the harsh ecstasies and frenetic pace of industrial/digital society, finding beauty, agony, and longing there. This finds stark contrast in Korndorf’s A New Heaven (1990) for orchestra and soprano arranged for Dark by Five by Paul Fadoul (with the blessing of Nikolai’s widow). This minimalist music features extremely slow changes of texture and pitch, opening very gradually. This slow, organic unfolding might give us as performers and listeners a deeper, broader perspective on being in the world. The piece ends with spoken text, some of the most beautiful lines from the Bible, Revelations 21.
Performers: Yvette Coleman, Florian Hoefner, Diederik van Dijk, Lynn Kuo, Kate Read, Paul Fadoul, Christine Carter, Marianne Noordink
Directed by: Rachel Peake
Video Design: Cosette Pin