2017 Summer Season


Trad Night
Featuring local performers, this series brought traditional Newfoundland music, as well as tunes held close to the hearts of Newfoundlanders.
Performers: Nick Hamlyn, Tom Brennan, and Stephen Rose; The Ramblin’ Rovers; Duane Andrews and Aaron Collis; Mena Lodge, Charlie Payne, and Darren Vincent; MinTze Wu


Reele and Trewe: The History of Newfoundland, Abridged, and Inebriated

One of the most talked about shows this season was Reele and Trewe: The History of Newfoundland, Abridged, and Inebriated. A nod to the TV favourite Whose Line is it Anyways, this show was a combination of sketch comedy, music, audience participation, and improvised theatre. The cast was comprised of faces familiar to the GMSM stage, actors Ian Locke and Mark Bradbury, and musicians Nick Hamlyn and Tom Brennan. The show brought in a new audience for GMSM, many younger faces who came out to have a few drinks and some laughs in Corner Brook, and in Woody Point the audience was comprised of tourists who wanted a night of Newfoundland-themed fun.
Performers: Ian Locke, Nick Hamlyn, Tom Brennan, Mark Bradbury
Written and Directed by Ian Locke

An Evening with Jody Richardson and Friends
After feeling the energy in St. Pat’s last summer when Jody Richardson closed our season, we knew this was something that had to come back and be available for our Corner Brook audiences.  Jody came back to the stage with Sarah Newell, Michael Moulton, Robert Humber, Ian Locke, Jessica Pereversoff, and Susan Yule. The group brought their own twist to pop favourites, Jody told a few stories, as well as previewing songs from The White Feather of Woody Point, and a new show, The King of Broadway.

Craig Humber
After unforeseen circumstances prevented him from performing in the 2016 festival, we were delighted to have Craig Humber back in Corner Brook this summer! Having recently been appointed the head organist at Votivkirche in Vienna, playing on an original organ inaugurated by Anton Bruckner, Craig has had the chance to explore different genres of organ music, and he was very excited to bring it to his home. Craig ended up performing this music for a sold-out audience in Corner Brook, bringing new sounds to the organ at First United Church.

Tales from the Rails
This revised version of last year’s hit, Postcards from the Train, includes many of the same stories, but has some new material woven into the fabric. Since the Newfoundland Railway’s hundred-year history is so rich, it has been fascinating to mine it for stories. So many Newfoundlanders worked their entire lives on the rails, and their stories have been adapted from their own words. The railway that stretched across the Island witnessed so much history – soldiers from both World Wars, fathers and sons being resettled, war brides taking their last journey from home. The winner of last year’s Corner Brook Achievement in Community Excellence (ACE) Award for Historic Project.
Performers: Ian Locke, Sarah Newell, Mark Bradbury, Jessica Pereversoff
Written and Directed by: Ian Locke
Audio files: Cosette Pin
Costumes and Props: Jessica Pereversoff, Sarah Newell, Ian Locke, Helen Himsl

Camilo the Magician
After the success of his camp and shows last summer, Camilo the Magician came back for another summer of magic here in Western Newfoundland. This summer he offered two camps, one for first time magicians, and a second for the students who had participated in the camp last year. He closed off the camp with a matinee at the Rotary Arts Centre featuring the students of the camps, and then wowed us all with his magical abilities!

King of Broadway
A new show to the GMSM stage, based on the book King of Broadway by Charles Foster, this show featured an original script and songs by Jody Richardson telling the story of Donald Brian, a Newfoundlander who became one of the biggest stars on Broadway at the turn of the 20th century. Starring Jody Richardson, Wendy Woodland, Ian Locke, and Robert Humber, this show saw a full house for nearly every show, and captured the hearts of the audience with the story of the Newfoundlander whom no one knew.
Performers: Robert Humber, Ian Locke, Jody Richardson*, and Wendy Woodland
Written and Directed by Jody Richardson*
All songs by Jody Richardson*, except Give My Regards to Broadway, Over There, and Yankee Doodle Boy
* The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance, Opera, Theatre Policy.

The White Feather of Woody Point
After receiving positive feedback on the revised White Feather of Woody Point last summer, the original cast returned to the stage for another season. With few revisions made to the script, the historical fiction told the story of Woody Point after World War I, showcasing the history of local landmarks and interwoven with traditional Newfoundland folk tales, and original songs by Jody Richardson.
Performers: Alex Fallis*, Robert Humber, Ian Locke, Sarah Newell, Jody Richardson*, and Susan Yule
Written and directed by Jody Richardson*
Technical Management by Michael Moulton
Costumes & Props by Jody Richardson*
Sound, Video and Image Files by Cosette Pin
* The participation of these Artists is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance, Opera, Theatre Policy.

Paul Simon Spectacular
Following the Beatles spectacle we brought to the stage in 2016, there were few names we could think of to top it, and Paul Simon was the song writer extraordinaire that we turned to. The stage was filled with the live band led by percussionist Paul Fadoul, and half of the percussion instruments on the west coast of Newfoundland. This show sold out throughout its run. Designed and directed by Yvette Coleman, Ryanne Spencer, and David Maggs, the show brought new interpretations to these timeless songs in a musical theatre fashion, starring local talent Sherman Downey, and featuring 22students of the Graham Academy. This was the biggest production of out 2017 season. The show wowed audiences with the spectacle, left them in awe of the talent of the youth in our community, and had them leaving with a sense of pride for the calibre of art that was produced in our community by our community.
Directors/Choreographers Yvette Coleman and Ryanne Spencer
Music Director Gary Graham
Featuring Sherman Downey and Yvette Coleman
Children’s Chorus Anna Barrett, Grace Brake-Higgins, Sarah Buckingham, Mira Buckle, Harry Callahan, Keira Clarke, Clare Coleman, Luke Coleman, Heather Cooper, Charlotte Guy, Candace Johannesen, Carly Johannesen, Alister MacDonnell, Sadie MacDonnell, Grace Pye, Kate Sanders, Matthew Sherstobetoff, Lily Smallwood, Colin Spencer, Gina Spencer, Nathanial Vincent, Abby Welshman
Band Ford Burden, Patrick d’Eon, Diederik van Dijk, Paul Fadoul, Paul Harris, Robert Humber, Andrew Luther, Brian McHugh, Michael Moulton, Sarah Newell
Dancers Yvette Coleman, Helena Paddle, Erin Smallwood, Ryanne Spencer, Frankie Warren
Show Development and Co-Director David Maggs
Arrangements and Band Led by Paul Fadoul
Stage Manager Chelsea Marks
Production Manager Helen Himsl
Lighting Design and Operator Karla Biggin
Head Sound Technician/Operator Lou McDonald
Assistant Sound Technician/Monitors Kevin Hamilton
Flys and Backstage Management Lisa Drover
Stage Hands Dianna Alteen, Ian Locke, Jessica Pereversoff
Video and Projection Design Matthew Buckingham-Bishop
Scenic Painter roy Hansen-robitschek
Set Construction NuVision Home Improvement Ltd.
Seamstress Jenny Brake-Strickland

Piano Trios with MinTze, Diederik, and David
David Maggs, Diederik van Dijk, and MinTze Wu presented an evening of some of the most famous classical piano trios of all time for the Corner Brook audience. Joined on stage by percussionist Paul Fadoul and flutist Dianna Alteen, the evening featured works from the classical, baroque, romantic, and modern periods of music.


Death of the Pugilist
Based on a short story by Daniel Mason and set to a score of traditional and classical music by MinTze Wu, the Death of the Pugilist is a riveting story of a boxing showdown. Our show was narrated by sports broadcaster, Stephen Brunt, featuring MinTze Wu, Diederik van Dijk, Paul Fadoul, and Lou McDonald. This show has also been broadcast on CBC Radio, produced in the U.S, and had been presented by GMSM in the company’s earlier years.
Performers: MinTze Wu, Diederik van Dijk, Paul Fadoul, Lou McDonald

Yvette Coleman and Friends
To end our GMSM Summer season in classic fashion, Yvette Coleman came to the stage once again with members of the GMSM family. Having just returned from Los Angeles after performing in various showcases there and having the opportunity to work with people such as Stevie Wonder’s vocal coach as well as producers and songwriters from all areas of California, Coleman brought to the stage a number of covers, as well as premiering for her hometown many new original songs.