Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Gros Morne Summer Music has emerged as a cultural force on the west coast of Newfoundland, with a reputation for innovation extending across the country. Our work on the intersection between art and digital media was featured at the 2017 Canadian Arts Summit alongside some of the biggest artists and arts organizations in the country.

Our efforts to discover the importance of art in community life has led to innovative programming with youth, seniors, palliative care patients, indigenous communities, primary healthcare, sustainability and conservation initiatives, and more.

In just two years, our Graham Academy has established itself as the premiere destination for the development of young performing artists, achieving pedagogical excellence while establishing a  Bursary program to limit the barrier of cost. We are halfway through an exciting $1.5 million renovation of the former Presentation Sisters convent on Humber Road, preserving one of Corner Brook’s heritage properties while creating a magical space for youth to develop confident, caring, imaginative lives.

We continue to innovate in the digital space, morphing the success of into a park-wide mobile app, allowing you to take the whole family on a scavenger hunt for amazing artistic performances throughout the landscape of Gros Morne National Park.

As a registered charity that combines a majority of earned revenue with a minority of public funding, we invest the vast majority of this funding back into the communities where we operate. Most of this funding would not come to Western Newfoundland without us. Through this work, we strengthen the tourism industry, employ a dozen Graham Academy faculty, a half dozen GMSM staff, another two dozen seasonal staff, and over fifty artists per year.

Make It Count

Why give? For every $1 you invest in us, we invest $100 back to our communities. Your dollar puts world-class programming at your doorstep, it gets youth up on stage, it takes carehome patients out of isolation and puts them in the audience. It takes Newfoundland Traditional Music sensation The Once and puts them bedside in our Palliative Care Unit. It brings some of the most innovative thinkers in the world to Western Newfoundland to celebrate and enrich what this region has to offer both ourselves, and those who come to visit as well. Where else can you spend money and get back more than you give? Go on, give it a try, it feels soooooo good.

Taking You With Us

To make your contribution speak volumes, all our 2019 Festival Sponsors ($3,000+) will have their logos on our 2019 brochure. This will be widely distributed throughout our season as well as mailed to every household and business in our region, from the Bay of Islands to the northern edge of Gros Morne (20,000 homes). Turn over to see our sponsorship opportunities and don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Please contact us if you’d like to make a donation.