Financial Assistance Program

Graham Academy Financial Assistance Program

Sponsored by Presentation Sisters

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The Presentation Sisters have established a fund to provide financial assistance to cover tuition for children for whom cost of a Graham Academy program is a barrier.  This Financial Assistance Program is available to students wishing to enroll in a Graham Academy Program when criteria are met and funds are available.  Persons meeting the qualifications as established below will receive assistance with their registration fees in the year the application is accepted.  Funds are not transferable.


  • Applicant must be planning on attending a Graham Academy Program for the year in which the application for financial assistance is received.
  • Applicants must be committed to full attendance and 100% participation in all performances.
  • This funding is intended for those in need of financial assistance.
  • Applicant must secure a letter of recommendation in support of the child’s interest in music/dance/acting from a music teacher, musical mentor, classroom teacher and/or church leader.
  • Application must be completed by a parent or guardian with all requested information provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Financial aid PRIORITY will be given to eligible children meeting one or more of the criteria below:

  • Member of a multi-child family and/or living in a single parent home.
  • Written recommendation by school representatives, social workers, music teacher etc. highlighting the child’s interest in the arts and the child’s financial need for support.
  • Receiving assistance from programs such as: social assistance, food bank, Foster Care, etc. (providing written documentation of participation in these programs to receive priority status).

Application Process:

  • A parent must fill out in entirety the written application, including a brief description of why assistance is needed and why it is important for your child to be a part of a Graham Academy Program. Applications must include a letter of recommendation from a teacher or church leader and any other supporting information as outlined above.
  • Each application will be assessed individually and with the greatest of discretion.
  • Note: Previous recipients do not need to submit a letter of recommendation.
  • Applications and accompanying documentation must be submitted to:

Graham Academy Financial Assistance Program
c/o Committee Chairperson
9 Ingrid Avenue
Corner Brook
A2H 2K8