Our Graham Academy Logo

Introducing our Graham Academy logo …..

When we debated the right logo for the Graham Academy we wanted something that represented where this organization is rooted. For many of us who sat in school choirs or took private lessons with Gary, his handwriting on the chaulk board or our dictation books was distinct, terrifying, and endearing.

Many young students can be heard referring to Mr. Graham as ‘Mr. G’ and/or affectionately referring to him simply as “G” as they enter adulthood.

With all of this in mind we decided on a logo that’s primary focus is that of ‘Mr. G’ or ‘G’. What better way to brand an academy dedicated to growing his legacy and inspiring generations to come than with the penmanship of the man himself?

Andrea Barrett snuck into a piano lesson and requested Mr. G write out the words GRAHAM ACADEMY plus several dozen letter ‘G’s that we then sent to graphic designer Jeremy Osmond atJ.Osmond Design. Jeremy then converted the handwriting into a variety of different graphic images that we spent a month debating.

Once we found ourselves arguing about the bottom twig on the corner of a letter ‘M’ we knew we were just about there. A few finishing touches from Mr. Osmond and here we are, the official logo of the Graham Academy.

We are so excited that this logo will pay tribute to the education, excellence and inspiration embodied by our very own Mr. Graham.

We hope this is something our whole community can feel very proud of.