Please follow this link to apply for the Team Assistant Program

So you are interested in a GRAHAM ACADEMY/GMSM TEAM ASSISTANT position during the 2020-21 season!  How exciting!

Continuing this season, Graham Academy is offering High School Members an opportunity to join the team in a variety of assistant roles.  Members selected will receive up to 50% discount on select programs and a lot of great experience for their resume!   (70 hours = 50% discount)

TEAM ASSISTANT roles vary depending on the needs of the Faculty and the Administrative Team.  The interests of the High School Student will be taken into consideration.   Hours can be scheduled weekly or be clustered leading up to a Graham Academy event/productions.

If you are interested in applying for a role please identify your areas of interest and return to our team.  Faculty and Administration will then get back to you with an offer. Apply Early-limited opportunities available!

Thanks for your interest!!

The Graham Academy Team

Please check the roles you would be interested in considering (work may be assigned with Graham Academy and/or GMSM)

  • Design work and Promotions (CANVA Advertisements, social media ads) (flexible hours)
  • Administrative work – copying music etc. (flexible hours)
  • Delivering Brochures, Changing Posters (Flexible hours)
  • Working the Box Offices and Ushering (cluster work)
  • Venue management and care (cleaning Graham Academy spaces, preparing for rehearsal sessions) (Set time weekly)
  • Assisting with Props and Costumes (cluster work)
  • Rehearsal Assistant (set hours – pending Faculty’s approval)
  • Production Assistant (cluster work – before shows)
  • Stagehand (during rehearsal week before shows – cluster work)
  • Assist Graham Academy, Administrative Coordinator, as requested (flexible hours)

Note:  The Discount amount (up to 50 % depending on the number of hours the TEAM ASSISTANT signs up for), will be deducted from the last payment instalment for the season. Discount policies cannot be used in combination with any other discount policy. In all cases, the policy that is most beneficial to the family will apply.