Triple Threat Challenge: 48 Hour Musical


Young Artists: Grades 8-12


Come join our Director, Yvette Coleman for a fun-filled, high-intensity weekend of non-stop Musical Theatre fun!   This 48 Hour Musical Challenge will take place from Nov 8, 9 & 10 at “The Convent”, home of The Graham Academy with a production of FAME on Nov 10 which will be open to the public.  Registration deadline: Oct 30th.

How it works:

  1. Those registered will audition on Nov 1st. This will not be an intensive process.  Each registrant will be asked to come prepared to sing a 1 min section of a song (please bring your own recorded accompaniment).  Any part of a song will do.  This audition will be completed in private.  Following this, each participant will be given 3 test monologues to review in the waiting room and will be asked to perform one of their choosing.  It does not need to be memorized.
  2. Roles will be assigned immediately following auditions with scripts and music tracks emailed to the cast on Nov 2. This is approximately one week before the weekend challenge begins providing an opportunity to review and come as prepared as possible to hit the ground running.
  3. Chorus Captains may be assigned by the Director from the participants to lead breakout sessions.
  4. On Nov 8th participants meet on the first evening with overnight bags and scripts in hand. Before the night is through they will have completed a read through, blocking and music rehearsals.

For reasons, you can clearly imagine coming to this process as a true team player is a definite asset. 

  1. Thanks to the residence in our new home, participants will stay overnight (2 nights) in “The Convent” home of Graham Academy, so they can take advantage of the rehearsal whenever they desire.
  2. By the end of the first full day they will have had their first full run-through and by the final morning, they will head into full tech and dress rehearsal.
  3. In the evening of Nov 10th it’s SHOWTIME!

This is an intense and high energy undertaking with over 26 hours of direct musical theatre experience.  This is sure to be a weekend filled with memories for a lifetime! 


Fee: $300 including meals and weekend accommodations.

Note: cast may opt to go home each night.

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