Dark by Five – Before You Wake

Before You Wake opens with a woman contemplating her final rest. The music of Björk accompanies her eccentric determination to take the occasion of her burial into her own hands, building to the triumphant climax of Stravinsky’s famous ballet Firebird. The music weaves together dance and digital interactivity to dazzling effect.


Dark by Five (dXv) returns to Gros Morne Summer Music after a two-year hiatus to perform two interactive and immersive music theatre events. A challenge to put into words, this innovative international ensemble weaves pop, classical, folk, and world music with elements of storytelling, theatre, mask, movement, and digital media in unforgettable experiences. Dark by Five is Christine Carter (clarinet), Yvette Coleman (Vocalist), Paul Fadoul (percussion), Elizabeth Janzen (flute), Lynn Kuo (violin), Kate Read (viola), David Maggs (piano) and Diederik van Dijk (cello), working with director-choreographer Shannon Litzenberger. 

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