Reele and Trewe

Welcome to a comedic romp that takes you through Newfoundland’s entire history (sort of). It’s been a blast to decide which historic moments to choose in order to tear them apart and rebuild them into something more memorable. Like most Newfoundland events, the show is infused with music and improvisation. How else would we survive on this godforsaken Island without improvising every now and then? Audiences must be prepared to have a drink (or five) in order to get through this show, ‘cause there’s an awful lot of sad stuff through Newfoundland history. The b’ys will make sure that the trip is an enjoyable, fast-paced adventure through time, until the moment you are called upon to decide which route history should take!

  • Ian Locke


This show is a 19+ licensed event.

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  • 8:00pm, Jul 6 2017, Merchant Warehouse
  • 8:00pm, Jul 8 2017, Swirsky's
  • 10:00pm, Jul 14 2017, Merchant Warehouse
  • 8:00pm, Jul 15 2017, Swirsky's
  • 8:00pm, Jul 21 2017, Merchant Warehouse
  • 8:00pm, Jul 22 2017, Swirsky's