Senior Crew Triple Threat Challenge: 48 Hour Musical

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Senior Musical Theatre

Come join our amazing team for a fun-filled, high-intensity retreat weekend of non-stop Musical Theatre fun! Two 48 Hour Musicals will be offered in the 2018-19 season giving senior high students multiple opportunities to hit the stage. Students can sign up for one or two of the musicals. The first one is scheduled for Nov 8, 9 & 10 and the second is scheduled for April 12, 13, 14. Sign up today and our team will begin the hunt for a musical that will thrill participants and audiences alike. The wonderful Yvette Coleman will direct the November 48 hour Musical and the fabulous Kelly-Ann Evans will direct the April 48 hour Musical.

How it works:

Participants meet on the first evening with overnight bags in hand and are presented with a musical script. Before the night is through they will have auditioned and been cast in their roles. For reasons, you can clearly imagine coming to this process as a true team player is a definite asset. From there everyone receives their script and score and intensive rehearsals ensue. Thanks to the residence in our new Graham Academy Building participants will stay overnight (2 nights) in the space so they can take advantage of the rehearsal whenever they desire. By the end of the first full day they will have had their first full run-through and by the final morning they will head into full tech and dress rehearsal, including costumes, set and props.

The public performance itself, which will happen on the final evening, may, in fact, be the first run-through on the stage!

This is a massive undertaking with over 26 hours of direct musical theatre experience. This is sure to be a weekend filled with memories for a lifetime! Sign up today!

Fee: $300 for each Musical Theatre weekend. Sign up for two or more senior company offerings today and receive a 10% discount any of the other senior member offerings.

Senior Company offerings include:

Senior Musical Theatre Workshop Series (A Comprehensive Study in Musical Theatre) – 13 Workshops. $450 for the full 13 workshops – workshop offered every second week in the Fall and Spring. Wed. 4-5:30 pm

Triple Threat Challenge: 48 Hour Musical/s – 2 scheduled for Senior Company in 2018-19. $300 each.

Broadway Style Dance. $450 for the full year. (this program is available to Senior Members who have enrolled in any combination of the Musical Theatre Workshop Series and/or 48-hour Musicals). 7-8:30 pm

The Chorale. $450 for the full year. Monday 8-9:30 pm

GMSM Summer Spectacular:

Graham Academy is a proud member of the Gros Morne Summer Music family and as such is pleased to offer the 2019 Summer Spectacular under the domain of the Graham Academy. Participation is designed for 2018-19 Graham Academy Students within the domains of the programming that they are enrolled in. Eligible Musical Theatre students include Graham Academy’s Showstopper, Junior Ensemble and Senior Company programs (enrolled in any combination of the Workshop Series and/or 48-hour Musicals) This is an optional opportunity that will require summer rehearsal times (TBA). Gros Morne Summer Music (GMSM)’s Summer Spectacular in recent years has been a Musical Theatre production, with singing, acting and dancing, aligning mostly with the skills and principles being taught through the Graham Academy Musical Theatre program. Depending on the creative team leading that show next year and their ultimate design of the show there may be performance opportunities for Graham Academy choral groups to sing as a choir as well! Thank you GMSM for extending these amazing opportunities to our students to work with professional artists into the summer season!