Virtual Corner Brook

June 26, 2020

Virtual Corner Brook

Virtual Corner Brook is an online, K-12 community building project using Minecraft: Java. The goal: build a virtual representation of the City of Corner Brook. Participants will navigate through a custom Minecraft map created with digital elevation data and a street map superimposed on the game world. Throughout the course of this free, 2-month activity, we will build our favourite civic buildings and locations, creating a fun and active online community. There will also be a series of digital art and coding summer camps, taking place from July to August using Virtual Corner Brook as the backdrop.


Most young people have experience playing Minecraft. Its popularity has been achieved by its low barrier of entry, impressive scalability and open world environment. Moreover, The abundance of highly customizable, open-source modifications gives educators the opportunity to steer the mechanics and environment to create game-based learning curriculums in almost any subject.

In Virtual Corner Brook, participants will learn how to work together to achieve a large-scale community building project. Being a Minecraft expert is not the only way to be involved. Participants with interest in project management, architecture, photography, digital audio and everything in-between will surely find something rewarding to do. The open-ended structure of this project will allow participants to use the experience and interests they have already developed, while learning a few things from the instructor and their peers along the way.

As the community is being built, participants will decide what part of Virtual Corner Brook they want to develop. They will be encouraged to work together and form teams, meetups and events relating to various tasks needed to build the city. We will even have positions of responsibility available to interested participants which will require them to attend a free leadership workshop and application process. This will give kids valuable experience that they can put on their resumes.